Easy, quick and economical wash!

Come as you are to do your laundry at our self-service laundry, we provide the soap and softener! Come now to your Speed Queen in Toulouse, opened 7 days a week 06AM - 10PM

Washers and dryers for all clothes, excepted pet clothing

Washers 8 kg

4.90 €

Washers 18 kg

9.90 €

Dryers 13 kg

2.00 € 15 min

No additional cost! Soap, softener and disinfectant are automatically dosed according to the wash program selected.

Speed Queen App

Download the Speed ​​Queen app and enjoy a perfect, cashless laundry experience!

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    Download the app and load money in your app from your credit card

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    Choose your washer or dryer and unlock it

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    Receive alerts when your laundry is done

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    Earn rewards and bonus

App Code: TOU002

Why buy the card?

Come inside the laundry, get your card and start saving money immediately !

Using the card for more benefits!

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The best self-service laundry in Toulouse is Speed ​​Queen. Want to learn more about the Speed ​​Queen laundry concept? Click here

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228 avenue de Grande Bretagne
31300 Toulouse

Opening time 06AM - 10PM

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